2019 Snowball Date Announced


Humewood School’s 6th Annual Snowball will be held on Friday March 1st 2019.

This event is the premier Parent and Teacher Social Night of the year and also one of our biggest fundraising events to help support the efforts of Humewood Council.

Here are some ways you can help ensure the success of this event:

  • contribute monetary donations;
  • donate silent auction items such as event tickets, bottles of wine or spirits, new toys, gift certificates, gift baskets, travel vouchers etc.;
  • help organize the event by adding your name to our list of volunteers.

Please contact us at humewoodcouncil@gmail.com if you are able to help support Snowball 2019.

2019 Wine Survivor

WineSurvivor2019_master_FB cover

How it Works

To enter, you will need to either buy a ticket for $40 (covers your $20 entry fee and $20 bottle of wine) or $20 and a bottle of wine (recommended value $20). Each participant has now joined Humewood Wine Survivor and their names have been placed in the daily draw. The more entries you buy, the better your chances of surviving and winning the grand prize!

The $20 goes towards Humewood School Council and the wine to the winners!


The Champion receives approximately 50% of the wine, which they get to hand select; 30% for Second Place; and 20% for Third Place. There will also be a Deadpool draw for those eliminated and surprise prizes along the way.

How to Join

There are two ways you can join:
1. Lisa (Charlie & Lola’s Mom) will be setting up a table at the Winter Concerts and will also try sign people up in the morning.
– or-
2. You can sign up and pay the $20 or $40 fee via the Humewood Online Store.

WineSurvivor2019_master_Sign Up for $40_button.pngWineSurvivor2019_master_Sign Up for $20_button.png


Every day, several names will be drawn, and the names drawn will be “voted off the island” i.e. Eliminated. An email will be sent out to all participants each day letting everyone know the results and giving people the option of buying back in. The final elimination is set for the Snowball, where the winners will be announced.


Every day one name will be drawn from the bucket for “immunity”. That person will be exempt from the draw that day (i.e. have immunity for one day).

Buying Back In

IF you are “voted off the island” / eliminated and you want to get back in, never fear there is one buy back allowed per entry. Pay an additional $20 for your name to be placed back in the bucket – no additional wine required. If voted off you can pay your $20 buy back via the Humewood Online Store by 4:00 pm the next day.

WineSurvivor2019_master_Buy Back in for $20_button.png

At the end of the competition All players who are in the Deadpool (voted off the island) will have a chance to win a gift card (to the LCBO of course) to drown your sorrows over being voted off the island.


Please email: humewood.winesurvivor@gmail.com

Important Dates

Entries Open: Monday, January 14th

Deadline for Entries:   4:00 pm Friday, January 25th (Friday after the Winter Concert)

Deadline Extended!:   5:00 pm Monday, January 28th

Daily Elimination Begins:  Monday, January 28th

Last Day to Buy Back in:    Wednesday, February 27th

Winners Announced at:  Snowball – Friday, March 1st

Buy, Build, Give a Husky!

BuildAHusky2018_product image

This Holiday season Humewood Community School Council in support of the Toronto Furniture Bank is offering a great opportunity to do good at Humewood.

Until December 12th, 2018 you will have an opportunity to purchase your own Humewood Husky stuffy toy — but even better, your kids get to build them with their friends on December 17th in the School Library.

But wait, there’s more! When you buy our Build-and-Give bundle, your kids will assemble one Husky to keep, and one to donate to the Toronto Furniture Bank.

Pricing is as follows:

Build-a-Husky $20 — build a single Humewood Husky to keep (or give as a gift)

Build-and-Give $30 — build two Humewood Huskies, one for you, and one to donate to the Furniture Bank

Additional Huskies to keep are $20 each, and if you want to buy more Build-and-Give bundles, they are $30 per bundle.

This opportunity is a fundraiser for the school in addition to providing holiday toys for families in need — funds raised go to support the many council funded programs at Humewood, including arts enrichment and technology.

More about the Toronto Furniture Bank: www.furniturebank.org.