Bringing voices from our Community into Queen’s Park

Good morning, Toronto-St. Paul’s parents, educators and educator workers! 🙂

Its your local MPP Jill Andrew. I am also the Women’s Issues Critic and Culture Critic.

I have heard from several of you about the incredible stress you are under and the under resourced schools some of you continue to function in – doing the best you can for our kids – but doing so scared for both your safety and that of your students. I’ve heard of your classrooms bursting at the seams. Some of you do not have properly operating classroom windows, HVAC systems, or even adequate PPE.

I return to the Legislative Assembly this week. I have been advocating strongly to get on the Question Period lineup with regards to your education concerns.

There are never any guarantees of which MPPs get to ask questions during Question Period. These decisions are made based on a variety of caucus considerations as well as what’s ‘breaking’ or particularly trending in the media: both outside of individual MPP controls. Questions also often reflect MPPs critic areas.

As many of you know COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted women and we know education is one of the most highly gendered professions with us women making up most of the ‘frontline’ of education.

If you have direct questions you’d like me to ask the Minister of Education or the Premier himself please respond to this message with your question (50 words max) as question period is timed and I will try my utmost best to get you an answer.

Your voices as educators, education workers staff and parents are vital.

While using your name is not necessary if ANY of you are happy even being referred to by your first name only its strengthens by personalizing the story or question you are sharing.  Just let me know and I’ll work to accommodate you.

As a certified teacher, a Child & Youth Worker and most recently a Student Equity Program Advisor who has worked in education in elementary, high school and post secondary settings for most of my adult life I THANK YOU for your tireless contributions.  

Know that you are and will continue to be seen and heard by me.

Please send any communications to me at 

Should you want you can share this message by cutting and pasting it into Education specific social media pages that are supporting Toronto-St. Paul’s schools and parents OR by sending via email to others you know might have questions or concerns they want addressed.

Thank you, and take the best care possible under these unprecedented circumstances.

In solidarity,

Jill Andrew
MPP Toronto-St. Paul’s 

September 11, 2020 Update

It’s sunny out and it’s Friday! School is just around the corner and I bought 12 new wine glasses!

Woo hoo!

Admin and staff are working their butts off trying to be as ready as possible. 

Let me help manage expectations now – it will not be perfect! 

Information has changed on them multiple times, they are still waiting on directive, protocols, equip but they remain calm, are working long long hours and are staying as calm as possible!

Let’s all try and be calm and kind. I know I’ve lost my sh** a few times over the last few days!

In my mind I’m thinking of things in chunks to try to be focused, stay calm and feel somewhat in control – so….let’s just start school and see what the first 2 wks are like.

Together, we will all learn, adjust, improve habits and process.

Here are my notes from the call:–ndUCxrFWG8plsrsEZfquvFruwXM640/edit

The hope is that once school starts next week we will look to schedule another one. Julie / Rachelle as mentioned plan to send out weekly detailed communications.

Parent Council is in process of setting up a new form to help gather parent emails (school can’t give us the list) so we collect as many as to help with community outreach and communications.

We will be looking to plan a first council mtg after the first couple of weeks of school – stay tuned! It will be a year where we will all need to be creative and agile in how we can build meaningful connections within and across classes and support important school and student needs.

So while parents can’t be on school property – we can send our kids off with a smile and welcome them with open arms. While we are all probably a little anxious about next week our kids are too for lots of reasons. 

The kids will be alright.

Much gratitude,

Lori Litman, Humewood Community School Council

Snowball Update

Everyone is wondering … When can I wear that shimmery outfit I was planning? When can I show off my new TikTok dance? When can I bid on that amazing gift basket / restaurant / health + wellness package/summer camp program?

SNOWBALL had to be rescheduled due to the current teachers strike, but it is NOT cancelled. We are looking at alternate dates and venue options for the end of March or April.

SNOWBALL is an AMAZING volunteer-led event and is way more fun than any dance in a school gym should be! Parents get to chat (child-free), eat, drink, dance, AND dress up!

SNOWBALL is also a critical fundraiser for our school – contributing $10-12k to our yearly budget. These funds are much needed and go directly towards things like arts enrichment, technology, music / band, scientists in the school, and more!

We understand if you want a refund and we are looking into how to administer those. We hope though that you hang tight and wait to hear when SNOWBALL / SPRINGBALL will be happening.

With Anticipatory Disco Fever,
The Snowball Team

2020 Spring After Four Programs

  • Tuesday classes begin on Tuesday March 31st (except Children’s Art Studio) and end on Tuesday May 26th 2020. 
  • Thursday classes begin on Thursday April 2nd and end on Thursday May 28th 2020.  
  • Children must be at least four years of age to participate.
  • Registration for all programs is online. Limited spaces are available. Please register between Monday February 24th and Monday March 23rd 2020.
  • JK/SK Program Time: 3:05pm to 4:05pm
  • Grades 1 to 8 Program Time: 3:25pm to 4:25pm
  • Parents are asked to please pick up Kindergarten students at 4:05pm in room 106.
  • There is no supervision between 4:05pm to 4:25pm for Kindergarten students.
  • Students in Daycare and After care are asked to go directly to Daycare or After care at dismissal.  Staff members at Daycare and After care will escort their students to After 4 programs after they have completed attendance at Daycare and After care.


Kindergarten Children’s Art Studio 

JK/SK, Kinder Clay Art, Room 106

Sculpting clay is a fun and creative process and medium that will help your child understand spatial awareness and develop fine motor skills. In this session students will create fun functional and decorative ceramics using pinch, coil, and other handbuilding methods. Kids will use a coloured slip to glaze their work. Please note there is a two week turn around for kiln firing. Projects made during the last two classes will be delivered to their cubbies after the session ends. 

There will not be a class on Tuesday March 31st 2020.
Fee:   $163.85

Action Potential DaVinci Club 

Grades 1 to 4, Room 204 

Science and art connect in ways you didn’t dream possible. From
microbiology and DNA extractions to colour theory and Cézanne’s Still Life paintings, every week we learn a new branch of science fused with a new style of art and take home a creative project based on the day’s topic.
This program is student-inquiry based, so each class curricular is co-created by it’s own students. Past projects include: learning about mummification and preservation by creating your own sarcophagus and mummy out of a hot dog. Extracting DNA out of a strawberry and making it into a necklace. Discovering how a petri dish can transform into an artist’s canvas.

Have your kid researcher enjoy science and art like never before!
Fee: $274.59

To register visit:


Grades 1 to 6, Room 217

In the Mix is an innovative program that provides a unique opportunity for children to explore what’s new in dance, music and internet technology. This experience is very much about developing mind and body, and gaining confidence and social skills. Students will learn a brief hip-hop dance to share with parents at the last class. They will also work collaboratively in small groups to create one-of-a-kind music-videos, using iPads supplied by In the Mix. Kids get to be Directors, DJs, and Choreographers while producing their own custom HipHop music-videos! Students have full creative freedom yet are guided appropriately to help them progress and spice up their videos and dancing. At the end of the session, students can securely view their videos at the In the Mix website.

To learn more about this program and register visit

Fee: $140 + HST


Grades 2 to 8, Room 203

Clapboard Kids is a hands-on filmmaking program that gives kids the opportunity to learn professional skills from an award-winning filmmaker who has worked with Disney Touchstone Films, Columbia Pictures, Alliance Atlantis Communications, the CBC and the National Film Board of Canada!

Students learn about both the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking as they are guided – from the creation of an original film idea – through to the planning, shooting and editing of their films. This gives students the opportunity to try out a variety of filmmaking roles and skills (i.e. writing, acting, directing, wardrobe, sound, cinematography, and editing). Filmmaking techniques, such as stop motion animation, claymation, basic special effects and live action will be explored, along with the iMovie film editing program. At the end of the session, students will receive a copy of their finished films to share with family and friends. Due to the collaborative nature of the workshops, each session of Clapboard Kids is truly unique!
Our goal at Clapboard Kids is to inspire and guide the next generation of digital storytellers and filmmakers!

Fee: $205/student

To register, visit:


Chess Institute 

JK/SK, Rookies Rooks, Room 106

Grades 1 to 6, Kool Kings, Room 104 and 109

All levels of chess players are welcome. Beginners will be gifted with the universal language of chess knowledge, while advanced players will be challenged and raised to new levels. While learning or expanding their chess knowledge, students also gain important values and life skills such as goal setting, creative analysis, resilience, respect for others, and responsibility for decisions.

These skills are gained through our approach to chess as a mental martial art, where choosing a move means: taking wise, calculated risks, dealing with unexpected and disappointing outcomes, reflecting critically on changing situations, looking deeper to find more viable options than may at first appear, valuing diverse abilities and skill sets, and realizing there are choices in every situation.

As this strong, respectful and resilient mindset is nourished, players will have a lot of fun with our experienced and engaging instructors, who will appeal to and elevate their natural abilities. Chess is an amazing activity for children of all ages, where focus and skills are gained with surprising speed.

Fee: $126/student.  Financial assistance is available.

Please pick up students at North East door labeled number 5.

Register and pay online:

Cooking with Lesley Matthews 

Grades 1 to 4, Staff Room

Calling all kids!

Who doesn’t love making and eating fun and tasty treats?

In this program, aspiring chefs and bakers will get hands on experience in the kitchen. With an emphasis on creativity and fun, we will explore all of the wonders of the kitchen, the sense of accomplishment that comes from making something with your own hands, and the joy of sharing it with others. Yum!

Note: While no nuts will be used in any of our recipes, we cannot guarantee that all products are 100% allergen free.

For pick-up, please enter the school through the outside North East Grade School door labeled number 5 and pick up students from the staff room.

Fee: $180 per child.

Little Fingers Guitar

Grades 3 to 8, Room 112

Little Fingers Guitar is a program designed to introduce students in grades 3-8 to making music on the guitar.  The course will cover parts of the guitar, note layout, how to produce clear notes and chords, notation styles, songs for group play, classic guitar riffs, and much more.  

We’ll be exploring the fundamentals and history of the guitar through popular songs and performance. Students will learn chord chart reading and notation and will help choose the pieces that they learn. Students will feel comfortable with guitar basics and have a small repertoire of music to take with them to wherever the guitar leads them.

Register at

No need to have your own guitar, we will use the school’s guitars.  

Fee: tbd

Please pick up students at North East door labeled number 5.


Humewood CS does not take attendance or share attendance information with providers. If your child is going to be absent from After 4, please contact the provider directly and not the Humewood Community School office or teachers.  It is important for the providers to know so they can ensure student safety. 

Please advise after school care providers if your child will be attending a club.   

If your child has medical and/or dietary needs, please share this information directly with the providers.

If you have any questions about After 4 please contact

It’s that time of year again — SNOWBALL!

This year deck yourself out in your disco finest for our Studio 54 theme!

Tickets are available online now. RSVP on Facebook.

Our amazing silent auction items include Raptors & Leafs tickets, an hour of ice time at St Mike’s, huge gift cards to Camp Walden and Manitou, The Roast’s giant prime rib and much, much more!

(poster design credit: Jocelyn Abbasakoor @jocieart_ on Instagram)

Humewood Wine Survivor 2020!

We are happy to announce that Humewood Wine Survivor is back for the 3rd year!
As always we will be allocating the majority of the wine collected to the top three finishers, but there will also be weekly winners, random draws and consolation prize winners of at least two bottles per prize.
To sign up please go to the following link on the Humewood Online Store:

How it Works

To enter, you will need to either buy a ticket for $40 (covers your $20 entry fee and $20 bottle of wine) or $20 and a bottle of wine (recommended value $20). Each participant has now joined Humewood Wine Survivor and their names have been placed in the daily draw. The more entries you buy, the better your chances of surviving and winning the grand prize!

The $20 goes towards Humewood School Council and the wine to the winners!


The Champion receives approximately 50% of the wine, which they get to hand select; 30% for Second Place; and 20% for Third Place. There will also be a Deadpool draw for those eliminated and surprise prizes along the way.

How to Join

There are two ways you can join:
1. Lisa & Moe (Charlie & Lola’s parents) will be setting up a table at the Winter Concerts and will also try sign people up in the morning. (note: the Winter Concerts have been cancelled so we will update this when we have an alternative).
– or-
2. You can sign up and pay the $20 or $40 fee via the Humewood Online Store.


Every day, several names will be drawn, and the names drawn will be “voted off the island” i.e. Eliminated. An email will be sent out to all participants each day letting everyone know the results and giving people the option of buying back in. The final elimination is set for the Snowball, where the winners will be announced.


Every day one name will be drawn from the bucket for “immunity”. That person will be exempt from the draw that day (i.e. have immunity for one day).

Buying Back In

If you are “voted off the island” / eliminated and you want to get back in, never fear there is one buy back allowed per entry. Pay an additional $20 for your name to be placed back in the bucket – no additional wine required. If voted off you can pay your $20 buy back via the Humewood Online Storeby 4:00 pm the next day.

At the end of the competition All players who are in the Deadpool (voted off the island) will have a chance to win a gift card (to the LCBO of course) to drown your sorrows over being voted off the island.

Giving Back

5% of proceeds from the Wine Survivor will be donated to a local children’s charity.


Please email:

Important Dates

Deadline for Entries:  

4:00 pm Friday, January 24th

Daily Elimination Begins:  

Sunday, January 26th

Last Day to Buy Back:  

Wednesday, February 26th

Winners Announced at:  

Friday, February 28th at the Snowball