September 11, 2020 Update

It’s sunny out and it’s Friday! School is just around the corner and I bought 12 new wine glasses!

Woo hoo!

Admin and staff are working their butts off trying to be as ready as possible. 

Let me help manage expectations now – it will not be perfect! 

Information has changed on them multiple times, they are still waiting on directive, protocols, equip but they remain calm, are working long long hours and are staying as calm as possible!

Let’s all try and be calm and kind. I know I’ve lost my sh** a few times over the last few days!

In my mind I’m thinking of things in chunks to try to be focused, stay calm and feel somewhat in control – so….let’s just start school and see what the first 2 wks are like.

Together, we will all learn, adjust, improve habits and process.

Here are my notes from the call:–ndUCxrFWG8plsrsEZfquvFruwXM640/edit

The hope is that once school starts next week we will look to schedule another one. Julie / Rachelle as mentioned plan to send out weekly detailed communications.

Parent Council is in process of setting up a new form to help gather parent emails (school can’t give us the list) so we collect as many as to help with community outreach and communications.

We will be looking to plan a first council mtg after the first couple of weeks of school – stay tuned! It will be a year where we will all need to be creative and agile in how we can build meaningful connections within and across classes and support important school and student needs.

So while parents can’t be on school property – we can send our kids off with a smile and welcome them with open arms. While we are all probably a little anxious about next week our kids are too for lots of reasons. 

The kids will be alright.

Much gratitude,

Lori Litman, Humewood Community School Council