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Back for 2023…Pumpkins and Pages!
Including pumpkin drive, book sale & carving contest! Visit: http://www.humewoodcouncil.com/store to pre-order your pumpkins now!
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2023 Humewood Fall Fair!
Visit http://humewoodcouncil.com/store to purchase passes and food!
Pumpkins and Pages – In support of Anti-bullying at Humewood
On the heels of a successful Fall Fair, let’s keep the community engagement going!  We are launching the first annual Pumpkins and Pages, which will support a day ...
Humewood Family Pizza Nights
Back by popular demand, if you order a pizza special on January 17, 20, 24, 27 or 30, a portion of the proceeds will go to Humewood Council! Thanks for your support!
Humewood SAC Meeting
Humewood School Advisory Council‘s next virtual meeting will be Monday January 17th 2022 at 7pm. Key items include Budget and priorities for the year plus the Principal’s ...