Humewood Virtual Trivia, Thurs. April 1, 7:15 pm

Do you know your three-pointers from your hat-tricks? You know your Carlton the Bear from your Ace and Diamond? Well, dust off that knowledge because it’s time for Humewood Virtual Trivia, Toronto Sports edition.

Join Humewood families on Thursday, April 1 at 7:15 pm for this FREE community building event.

Here’s how to play:

Register here to let us know you’d like to play. Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you the Zoom link.

The trivia is a two-screen event. Join the Zoom call to hear the questions (and see other Humewood families!)

On a second device, like a phone, go to This is where you will enter your answers. To join the game, simply enter the Game Code you see on the Zoom call.

There will be three winners who will win Humewood swag and – more importantly – bragging rights!!

5. HAVE FUN!!!

Get ready for Wine Survivor 2021!

WINE SURVIVOR, Humewood’s favourite wine fundraiser is BACK for 2021!

What is Wine Survivor? It’s kind of like the famed game of elimination, except the prize is a whole bunch of wine, split between the final three contestants who have not been “voted out” of the game. There are also many one-off draws along the way.

More details on how it works can be found below, but first, some important dates:

Friday, February 12.

Sunday, February 14.


Register Here

How To Play

To become a Wine Survivor contender, all you need to do is buy in for $40* ($20 goes to the Council and $20 towards the prize pool). Your entry is valid for the duration of the game… until you get eliminated! There is no limit to how many entries into the game you can buy – the more entries, the more chances to win (and the more funds raised for Council)!

*NEW THIS YEAR* – Due to Covid, we are not collecting bottles of wine this year, so all prizes will be in the form of gift cards.

LCBO or Soul Provisions

Like Survivor, all players are looking to win immunity. Once the game begins there will be nightly draws.

The first name drawn will gain immunity for that evening’s draw. 
The next 4 names drawn are “voted off” (eliminated).

For those being eliminated for the first time, fear not! You get to make one of two choices:

  1. Accept your fate and remain eliminated from the game.
  2. You can buy back into the game for $20.

    If your name is drawn for a second time, sadly your time in Wine Survivor will have come to an end and you will be automatically eliminated. The tribe has spoken!

The Essential Details

Register for Wine Survivor here.

*New This Year* – Immunity and elimination will take place on nightly Zoom calls at 7:30 pm. We’ll be using the website Wheel of Names to add a little excitement.

Eliminated players can buy back into the game by 5PM of the day after their elimination to stay in the game.

In addition to buying back on the website, players who buy back MUST email game hosts Lisa and Moe at to confirm their buyback.

Buy back into Wine Survivor here.

Every Wednesday is Wine Wednesday and the immunity winner also wins a $20 gift certificate (aka “bottle of wine”) and a gift certificate for 2 popsicles from Soul Provisions.

There will also be random draws (e.g. Valentine’s Day Wine Winner) for $20 gift certificates and gift certificates for 2 popsicles from Soul Provisions.

The Top three winners are usually drawn when there are 5 to 10 contestants left in the game.

* Grand Prize: 60% of prize pool
* 2nd Place: 35% of Prize pool
* 3rd Place: 15% of Prize pool

At the end of the competition, all players who are in the Deadpool (those voted off the island) will have a chance to win a gift card (to the LCBO or Soul Provisions of course) to drown your sorrows or taste buds over being voted off the island.

Prize pool depends on how many contestants play Wine Survivor. All prizes to be paid by Humewood Parent Council.


Family Health & Wellness Toolkit

There’s no denying that 2020 has been One. Crazy. Year. Life has been upended and we’ve all been faced with a reality that no one could have ever anticipated. And let’s be honest, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster!

Among it all, however, we’ve also seen amazing displays of compassion and the strength of both our Humewood and greater St. Clair community. We’ve also seen the immense dedication of our teachers and school staff, and we’ve been amazed at just how resilient our kids are, whether in adapting to virtual school or diligently following new protocols. 

That said, we know that keeping life going with so much disruption and keeping it together (or doing our best to do so) takes its toll. That’s why Humewood School Council, in partnership with Humewood’s Wellness Advocate, Mr. Polak, have formed a Health and Wellness Committee. 

In preparation for the holidays when we’ll all hopefully have some time to be more relaxed, the Committee has put together a health and wellness toolkit. From meditation practices to mindful family activities, from teacher resources to articles and kids’ books to help us process the seemingly endless barrage of coronavirus news, here you’ll find a compendium of calming ideas. 


Family Meditation

Find a quiet spot in your home. Choose one person to lead the meditation (rotate family members if you can).  Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or on the couch or in a chair. Some family members might enjoy blankets, head pillows or eye pillows if available.

  • Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain
  • Breathing out, I feel solid.
  • Nothing can move or distract me.
  • In breath MOUNTAIN, out breath SOLID
  • Repeat the above three to five times.
  • Enjoy the feeling. 
  • Allow yourself to feel comfortable or uncomfortable. 
  • Try not to change how you feel.
    Take 10 breaths in and 10 breaths out. 
  • Rest for as long as you need.

Notice your breath moving in and out of your body.  Don’t try to change it.  Close your eyes if that feels comfortable. 

Reflections:  How did it feel to lead the meditation?  How did it feel to receive the meditation?  What did you enjoy or not enjoy about this experience?  What did you notice about your body?  What did you notice about your breath?

Free 10 minute meditation playlist 

Five Finger Meditation

Great for adults and older children, this meditative practice can be done together. Choose one person to lead the practice.  Take turns with each other.

Read how it’s done>

Grounding Breath

Here’s an activity that you can help you find calm and your natural breathing rhythm.

Click for full instructions>


Create a Nature Altar

Go for a family walk, and everyone has to pick up one or two things that they feel connected to.  Stone, leaf, pinecone, piece of ice or snow, leaf, stick..anything!  When you get home, talk about what everyone has chosen and why.  Find a space in your home, to display your treasures. 

Reflections:  What is an altar and why do we have one? Why are your objects important to you?  Why did you choose them?  How are you connected to what you chose?

Find Your Stone

This cooperative game helps your family cultivate mindfulness and connection.

See how to play here>

What Makes Me Happy

Make a family collage or gratitude box of the different things that make you happy. 

Here’s how to make it>


Sometimes it’s all about the right mindset. These resources are dedicated to helping you focus on finding the good in life. 

Greater Good in Action

Discover science-backed practices for more resilience, connection, and well-being, with step-by-step instructions on how to implement them in your life.

The Science of Happiness podcast

Learn research-tested strategies that you can put into practice today. In each episode, a guest tries a specific practice for well-being or connection, and shares their experience.

The Science of Happiness course

While you’re home, try our online, self-paced course, offering skills to boost resilience and well-being in your life. Results from tens of thousands of our students show that it helps them reduce stress and feel more connected to others.

The Greater Good Toolkit

Made in collaboration with Holstee, this toolkit includes 30 science-based practices for a meaningful life.


It can be hard to focus on the good when everything you read just seems so… bad. Because who among us hasn’t lost good time to a depressing doom scroll?

As we’ve likely told our kids 100 times, you can’t control what’s happening around you, but you can control your response to it. These articles offer some perspective on processing the hard truths of the current news cycle.

Parenting during covid 19 (Psychology Today)

Walking in Nature Aids Emotional Regulation (Integrated Listening)

7 Ways to Feel Safe in Times of Intense Fear (Integrated Listening)

The Science of Slow Deep Breathing (Unyte)

The Science Behind Expressing Gratitude Will Surprise You (Fast Company)

How to Hold on to Happiness When Your World Collapses (Psychology Today)

Coronavirus Sanity Guide (Ten Percent Happier)

ArtsWave Edition of Mindful Music Moments

Mindful Poetry Moments and the On Being Project (The Well)


Big Feelings Come and Go Storybook

Find it here>

The Story of the Oyster and the Butterfly

Find it here>

Safe and Sound: A story about a little girl who overcomes fear.

Find it here>


As part of the Greater Good Education Program, Greater Good in Education offers free research-based and informed strategies and practices for the social, emotional, and ethical development of students, for the well-being of the adults who work with them, and for cultivating positive school cultures.

Browse the resource library here>


Practices for parents and kids

A Loving Space for Kids’ Emotions: Show love to your children by helping them process emotions.

Pleasant Events Calendar for Kids: Help children cultivate self-compassion by planning enjoyable activities.

Reminders of Connectedness: A subtle way to induce kindness, particularly in kids.

Superhero Motivation for Kids: Use pretend play to encourage children to persevere through difficulty.

Body Scan Meditation: Feeling tense? Feel your body relax as you try this practice.Big Life Journal: kids 4+: activities, resources, posters, printables, podcast, blog

Videos for parents and kids

These Questions Can Help You Connect (Even When You’re Apart): Researchers designed conversation prompts to help people feel closer. Will it work for 10-year-olds Zuri and Greer?

How to Help Your Child’s Compassion Grow: Parents can encourage their kids to practice kindness and caring toward themselves and others.

How to Help Your Kids Feel Loved: Loving bonds between parents and kids can help kids grow into compassionate adults.

Train Your Brain to Be Kinder: Boost your kindness by sending kind thoughts to someone you love—and to someone you don’t get along with—with a little guidance from these students.

[Photos: Unsplash]

Join us for a Virtual Family Trivia night on Dec. 16, 2020.

Do you (or your kids) know your Ariel from your Moana? Your Cruella from your Captain Hook? Then join us for our Disney family trivia night!

Hosted by neighbourhood pub, The Gym, this is a perfect way to virtually connect with the Humewood school community while testing your trivia chops!

Join us on Wednesday, Dec. 16 from 7:00-8:00pm.

We’re asking for a minimum donation of $5, but any amount is greatly appreciated. All funds will go to Humewood School Council.

Tickets for this fundraising event can be purchased here:

Give the gift of healthy habits with My Starry Chart

We all know that chores can be a chore. But they don’t have to be with My Starry Chart, a 3-in-1 educational kid’s calendar, healthy habits chart, and skill-building game for kids ages 3-10.

This reinvented chore chart motivates and empowers kids while teaching skills like goal setting and math while also building character skills like helpfulness, gratitude and kindness.

Plus, it’s the creation of a fellow Humewood family and they’ve got a special offer for Humewood families (and your friends!)

Use the promo code Humewood10 at for 10% off your purchase. 20% of sales will automatically be donated to the school.

This beautiful calendar makes taking on new responsibilities fun, simple and a wonderful bonding experience. The calendar design and sticker format keeps kids engaged, and as a result, they stick to their healthy goals (and chores if you choose to use it in that way).

Find out more at

Fall 2019 After-Four Programs

General Information:

Please register between Monday September 9th 2019 and Tuesday October 1st, 2019.

Children must be at least four years of age to participate. 

Tuesday sessions begin on Tuesday October 8 2019 and end on Tuesday November 26 2019.

Thursday sessions begin on Thursday October 17th 2019 and end on Thursday December 5th 2019. 

There will be no sessions on October 10 nor on November 14 2019. 

Registration for all programs is online. Limited spaces are available.

Kindergarten (JK and SK) Program Time: 3:05pm to 4:05pm

Grades 1 to 6 Program Time: 3:25pm to 4:25pm

Parents are asked to please pick-up kindergarten students at 4:05pm.

There is no supervision between 4:05pm to 4:25pm for Kindergarten students.

Students in Daycare and After care are asked to go directly to Daycare or After care at dismissal. Staff members at Daycare and After care will escort their students to After 4 programs after they have completed attendance at Daycare and After care.  


Kindergarten Children’s Art Studio 

Gr. JK/SK, Room 106

Our KINDER Art classes skillfully combine literature with art as we aim to help your child with success in school by fostering positive self awareness and assurance. Our open ended lesson plans explore the creative process by experimenting with drawing, painting, sculpture and print-making. 

Please pick up students at the outside Kindergarten North-West Door labeled number 2.

Fee:  $158.20

Action Potential Inventor’s Club 

Grades 1 to 4, Room 204 

Calling all kid inventors, designers and engineers! Do you like to know how things are made? Do you like to tinker, take things apart and build things with your hands? How would you like to make creations that move with motors, turn on light switches or sound off buzzers? If so, then this after school class is the right fit for you! Inventor’s Club is all about using our hands and our brains to design brilliant, light-bulb worthy ideas. Together, over the semester, we’ll learn all about the world of inventors, designers, and engineers, and then become them ourselves. Using a variety of electronics, craft and recycled materials, each child will create prototypes, sketch ideas, build 3D models, and demo designs.*

$244.08 + HST

To register visit:


Grades: 1 to 6, Room 217

In the Mix is an innovative program that provides a unique opportunity for children to explore what’s new in dance, music and internet technology. This experience is very much about developing mind and body, and gaining confidence and social skills. Students will learn a brief hip-hop dance to share with parents at the last class. They will also work collaboratively in small groups to create one-of-a-kind music-videos, using iPads supplied by In the Mix. Kids get to be Directors, DJs, and Choreographers while producing their own custom HipHop music-videos! Students have full creative freedom yet are guided appropriately to help them progress and spice up their videos and dancing. At the end of the session, students can securely view their videos at the In the Mix website. To learn more about this program visit <>.

Pricing for 8 weeks : $125 + HST

To register visit


Grades 2 to 8
Location: TBD

Clapboard Kids is a hands-on filmmaking program that gives kids the opportunity to learn professional skills from an award-winning filmmaker who has worked with Disney Touchstone Films, Columbia Pictures, Alliance Atlantis Communications, the CBC and the National Film Board of Canada!
Students learn about both the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking as they are guided – from the creation of an original film idea – through to the planning, shooting and editing of their films. This gives students the opportunity to try out a variety of filmmaking roles and skills (i.e. writing, acting, directing, wardrobe, sound, cinematography, and editing). Filmmaking techniques, such as stop motion animation, claymation, basic special effects and live action will be explored, along with the iMovie film editing program. At the end of the session, students will receive a copy of their finished films to share with family and friends. Due to the collaborative nature of the workshops, each session of Clapboard Kids is truly unique!
Our goal at Clapboard Kids is to inspire and guide the next generation of digital storytellers and filmmakers!

Fee: $180/student

To register, visit:



Gr. JK/SK — Rookies Rooks, Room 106

Grades 1 to 6 — Kool Kings, Room 104 and 109

Chess Institute of Canada (CIC)is bringing its popular and rewarding after school chess club back to Humewood this Spring.
*All levels of chess players are welcome. Beginners will be gifted with the universal language of chess knowledge, while advanced players will be challenged and raised to new levels. While learning or expanding their chess knowledge, students also gain important values and life skills such as goal setting, creative analysis, resilience, respect for others, and responsibility for decisions.

These skills are gained through our approach to chess as a *mental martial art*, where choosing a move means: taking wise, calculated risks, dealing with unexpected and disappointing outcomes, reflecting critically on changing situations, looking deeper to find more viable options than may at first appear, valuing diverse abilities and skill sets, and realizing there are choices in every situation.

As this strong, respectful and resilient mindset is nourished, players will have *a lot of fun* with our experienced and engaging instructors, who will appeal to and elevate their natural abilities. Chess is an amazing activity for children of all ages, where focus and skills are gained with surprising speed.

Fee: $98/student.  Financial assistance is available.

Please pick up students from the Grade School, outside North East door labeled number 5.

Register and pay online

Cooking with Lesley Matthews 

Registration for Cooking With Lesley will Open on Monday September 9th at 7:00 p.m.

Grades 1 to 4, Staff Room

Calling all kids!

Who doesn’t love making and eating fun and tasty treats?

In this program, aspiring chefs and bakers will get hands on experience in the kitchen. With an emphasis on creativity and fun, we will explore all of the wonders of the kitchen, the sense of accomplishment that comes from making something with your own hands, and the joy of sharing it with others. Yum!

Note: While no nuts will be used in any of our recipes, we cannot guarantee that all products are 100% allergen free.

For pick-up, please enter the school through the outside North East Grade School door labeled number 5 and pick up students from the staff room.

Fee: $140 per child.

Register online beginning at 7:00 p.m. on September 9th, 2019.

Little Fingers Guitar

Grades: 3 to 8, Room: 207

Little Fingers Guitar is a program designed to introduce students in grades 3-8 to making music on the guitar.  The course will cover parts of the guitar, note layout, how to produce clear notes and chords, notation styles, songs for group play, classic guitar riffs, and much more.  Little Fingers Music Guitar Classes include  singing, playing, and having fun! We’ll be exploring the fundamentals and history of the guitar through popular songs and performance. Students will learn chord chart reading and notation and will help choose the pieces that they learn. Students will feel comfortable with guitar basics and have a small repertoire of music to take with them to wherever the guitar leads them.

Register at <

No need to have your own guitar, we will use the school’s guitars.  

Fee: $140

Please pick up students from the Grade School, outside North East door labeled number 5.


Humewood CS does not take attendance or share attendance information with providers. If your child is going to be absent from After 4, please contact the provider directly and not the Humewood Community School office or teachers. It is important for the providers to know so they can ensure student safety. 

Please advise after school care providers if your child will be attending a club.

If your child has medical and/or dietary needs, please share this information directly with the providers.

If you have any questions about After 4 programs please contact