Humewood Pizza Lunch 2017-18!

Pizza lunches are a crucial fundraising campaign for our school! Funds raised benefit our kids in so many ways, including much needed technological equipment, arts and science enrichment (e.g., Scientists in School, Visiting Artists), and securing instruments for our growing band program! It’s also nice for parents to have a break from making lunches every so often and the kids absolutely love pizza lunch!

Order your pizza online here by October 6 for the first half of the school year (you will have the opportunity to order for the second half of the school year in January):

Payment is by credit card. If you prefer to pay with cash or cheque, please email to make arrangements.

No child will be excluded from pizza lunch for financial reasons. Please contact Principal Julie Whitfield ( or Vice Principal Avi Mani (avinash.mani@tdsb.on.cawith any concerns regarding payment.

For general questions regarding Pizza Lunch please email

Sign up for the whole year or just the first half now. You can register for the second half in January.

Choose between cheese only, cheese and pepperoni, gluten-free pizza (cheese only), or vegan/dairy free.

Choose the number of slices (1, 2, or 3)

  • $4.50 for 1 slice
  • $5.50 for 2 slices
  • $6.50 for 3 slices

All orders come with fruit and a snack, including glutenfree and vegan/dairy free.

Put the following pizza lunch dates in your calendar or keep this list handy! (please note Pizza Lunch dates are marked on the School Calendar):

  • October 13, 27
  • November 10, 24
  • December 8, 22
  • January 12, 26
  • February 9, 23
  • March 9, 23
  • April 6, 20
  • May 4, 18
  • June 1, 15

Parent volunteers run pizza lunches!

If you think you might be able to spare some time to help distribute pizza to the kids please get your name on the list by sending an email with the subject line: “Pizza Lunch Volunteer” to

Many thanks in advance for any time you can spare!

People for Education Annual Conference

People For Education are holding their annual conference on Saturday, November 11, 2017

The event will be held at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
105 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2E8

From their website:

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jean Clinton as our keynote speaker, and
look forward to her always-engaging presentation.

The theme for this year’s conference is “I want that in my school”.  Throughout the day, we will be exploring research, programs, and real-life examples of things that people are doing to help students develop the broader skills they need to succeed, and to move the
needle on the idea of broader goals for education.

Council Meeting Agenda: October 11, 2017

Humewood Community School Council (HCSC) Meeting

Wednesday, October 11, 2017, School Staff Room, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m


  • Welcome and Introduction (1 min)
  • Approval of Agenda & June Meeting Minutes (2 min)
  • Declarations of Conflict of Interest (1 min)
  • Financial Report (Rahim) (30 min) (closing of last years financials)
  • Principal’s Report (Julie) (20 min)
  • Chair Report (Janine) (10 min)

Other Business

  • Elections
  • Opening of this years Financials


Meetings are held in the school’s staff room.

Everyone is welcome to attend, sit at the table, bring items up for discussion, observe or contribute to discussions.


Curriculum Night 2017

Curriculum Night 2017

From the September 28, 2017 Newsletter:

Come and join us on Wednesday, October 4th for our Annual Curriculum Night.

The evening will begin with a presentation at 6:00 PM in the gym and then classroom presentations will begin at 6:30.

This evening is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child/ren’s teacher(s) and get an insider’s look at a day in the life of a Humewood student. We invite students in grades 1- 8 to attend with parents however we do ask that parents with children in the JK/SK programs attend the Kinder presentations without the students so that teachers and parents can focus on information about the kindergarten program. Thank you for your understanding.

Click here to let your friends on Facebook know that you are attending.

2017 Humewood Fall Fair — Thanks and Looking Forward to 2018

The Humewood Fall Fair 2017 was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who participated – by baking, cooking, serving food, selling tickets, painting faces, running a bouncy ride, organizing ball hockey, finding sponsors, corralling volunteers, donating books, and carrying out so many other important volunteer tasks. And thanks equally to all the families who came out to participate on the day.

It takes a community to run the fair, and on Saturday, September 23rd, the Humewood community came out in force and demonstrated its strength. The Fall Fair is the kickoff to our school year, and to parent council fundraising for the year, which as you know, pays for so many of the enrichment programs at Humewood that benefit all our kids.

A special thank you is due to the incredible Fall Fair leadership team, which begins its work in the spring, and continues all through the summer and early fall to put all the many pieces of the fair in place. They work hard, and tirelessly, to make a huge undertaking come off smoothly and appear almost effortless. Thank you to the following parents – you are amazing!

  • Cheryl Medley – Boss Lady
  • Carly Steinman – Rides and Games
  • Sharon Sehdev – Sponsorship
  • Cheryl Batty – Sponsorship
  • Janine Geddie – Food
  • Jenny Reich – Food
  • Tanya Bodnar – Food
  • Simone Engel – Food
  • Sam S. – Book Sale
  • Jim Sweatman – Social Media and Communications guy
  • Janelle Watson – Ball Hockey
  • Rachel Yanchyshyn – Ball Hockey
  • Carly Labell – All around helper extraordinaire
  • Christine Spencer – All Knowing Mentor

Looking Forward to 2018

We are looking for parents to step up to run next year’s Fall Fair. You don’t need event planning experience, just great organizational skills and a great attitude! Please contact if you think you might be willing to join the leadership team for the 2018 Fall Fair. We can’t do it without you.

Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) at Humewood

Humewood Community School is going to be participating in a new outdoor play initiative, called OPAL. This stands for Outdoor Play and Learning, and is a project being piloted by Earth Day Canada.

The idea behind OPAL is to foster freer, more creative outdoor play by supplying a variety of found and sourced materials that will be made available to the kids during recess time. A leadership team is being formed, and the administration has requested that 2 to 3 parents be recruited to join this team. Additionally, others may be needed to sit on a larger OPAL committee.

The OPAL Leadership Team will be very active, and will require flexibility to meet during daytime hours. There will also be a full-day symposium that team members will be required to attend, which will take place on January 19th, 2018. Below is some information about the OPAL program, and a request for parents who are interested to contact the admin.

OPAL Leadership Team Recruiting

Earth Day Canada is in the midst of a pilot project to bring Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) to six diverse school communities within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), working with teachers, parents, administrators, daycare staff, and other educators to develop a play implementation plan for outdoor time (kindergarten play time, recess, lunch, before and after-school). The children will engage in self-directed play with loose parts (tools, cardboard boxes and tubes, spare tires, fabric, rope, water, hay, logs, etc.), boosting their sense of agency and creating a more inclusive and reciprocal social environment.

Humewood was selected as part of the OPAL 10, as ten new schools take part in implementing this program. We are currently looking for parents who would be interested in joining our OPAL committee.  This committee will be an active group of educators and community members who will be working to support student centred play in our school.  If you are interested please let Julie Whitfield, Principal or Avinash Mani, Vice-Principal know of your interest by calling the school office at 416 394-2383.

Fall 2017 — After Four at Humewood School

Classes begin on Tuesday October 3rd 2017 and end on Tuesday November 28th 2017.   There will not be any classes on Thursday November 16th 2017.

Registration for all programs is online. Space is limited. Please register between Monday September 11th 2017 and Tuesday September 26th 2017.

JK/SK Program Time: 3:05pm to 4:05pm

Grades 1 -6 Program Time: 3:25pm to 4:25pm

Parents are asked to please pick up kindergarten students at 4:05pm – there is no supervision available between 4:05pm and 4:25pm for Kindergarten students.

Students in on-site Daycare and Aftercare are asked to go directly to Daycare or Aftercare at dismissal.  Staff members at Daycare and Aftercare will escort their students to After 4 programs after they have completed attendance at Daycare and Aftercare. 


Kindergarten Children’s Art Studio

Grades JK/SK, Room 106

Your child will explore, investigate and develop their art-making
techniques in these open ended creative classes. We will combine all
mediums: fine drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media.
It’s messy and fun so remember to dress your kids for mess!
Aprons will be supplied.

Please pick up students at the outside

Kindergarten North-West Door labeled number 2.

Fee:  $135+HST

This class is 8 weeks long as there will not be a class on Tuesday October 28th, 2017.
Register with a cheque and printable PDF form to the provider or register online with Paypal


Action Potential Labs

Grades 1-4, Room 204

You’re going to love our all new Fall term. Whether you’re a returning researcher or brand new to Research League you are in for a treat!

We are excited to present a semester of ALL NEW experiments, projects and learning.

Every week we learn a new branch of science fused with a new style of art and take home a creative project based on the day’s topic.

Action Potential Lab is Toronto’s first laboratory dedicated to cross disciplinary education in the science and the arts. We believe that problem solving techniques, comprehension and creativity are most enhanced by using both sides of the brain. How can you use a petri dish as a canvas for painting? Become a great researcher in these science + art workshops.

Please pick up students from the outside Grade School North-East door labeled number 6.

Fee: $225 +HST includes materials and supplies

Register online

Feel free to email us with any other questions


Grades 1 to 6, Room 217

In the Mix is an innovative program that provides a unique opportunity for children to explore what’s new in dance, music and internet technology. This experience is very much about developing mind and body, and gaining confidence and social skills. Students will learn a brief hip-hop dance to share with parents at the last class. They will also work collaboratively in small groups to create one-of-a-kind music-videos, using iPads supplied by In the Mix. Kids get to be Directors, DJs, and Choreographers while producing their own custom HipHop music-videos! Students have full creative freedom yet are guided appropriately to help them progress and spice up their videos and dancing. At the end of the session, students can securely view their videos at the In the Mix website.

Fee: $145 + HST

To register visit

Please pick up students from the outside Grade School North-East door labeled number 5.

Logic’s Academy

Robot Olympics, Grades 4 – 8

Meet Dash, the next Olympic athlete! Using a quick-to-learn graphical language, help Dash complete feats of strength and speed. How did a lovable robot like Dash make it all the way to the Olympic games? Create a story using sequences of Dash’s rise to fame. Use functions (an important tool in coding) to turn Dash into a Soccer and Basketball player. Compete against classmates in long jumps and 100 centimeter sprints. Come learn the skills to win a gold medal in coding!

Fee:  $190.00

To register visit:

Please pick up students from the outside Grade School North East door labeled number 5.



Grades JK/SK: Rookies Rooks, Room 106

Grades 1-6: Kool Kings, Room 104 and 109

Open to children from JK to Grade 6, children are divided by age and by level, with JK-SK kids having their very own club. Each week, children receive instruction, which builds from lesson to lesson in a structured, engaging, and entertaining way, with game playing, tournaments, and other chess challenges to round out the picture. The learning is accompanied by appealing and dynamic Chess World curriculum workbooks and worksheets, which provide an added value to every child’s experience.

Fee: $91.00 per child.

Please pick up students from the Grade School, outside North East door labeled number 5.

Register and pay online

Cooking with Lesley Matthews

Grades 1-4, Staff Room

Calling all kids!

Who doesn’t love making and eating fun and tasty treats?

In this program, aspiring chefs and bakers will get hands on experience in the kitchen. With an emphasis on creativity and fun, we will explore all of the wonders of the kitchen, the sense of accomplishment that comes from making something with your own hands, and the joy of sharing it with others. Yum!
Note: While no nuts will be used in any of our recipes, we cannot guarantee that all products are 100% allergen free.

For pick-up, please enter the school through the outside North East Grade School door labeled number 5 and pick up students from the staff room.

Fee: $140 per child
Register online

For more information, please contact Lesley Matthews: 

Tel: 416 398-5557 or

Sewing and Felting

Grades 3 to 6, 
Room: 207

Students will learn the basics of stitching and felting by creating fun and stress-free projects of their own design. Inspired by both contemporary and historical artists, students will bridge the divide between art and craft.  This class is appropriate for beginners and for those with experience wanting to further develop techniques and skills.

Fee: $120+HST= $135.60 

Register with a cheque and printable PDF form to the provider or register on-line with Paypal



Please pick up students from the Grade School entrance, outside North East door labeled number 5.

Humewood Community Sschool does not take attendance or share attendance information with providers.  If your child is going to be absent from After 4, please contact the provider directly and not the Humewood Community School office or teachers.  It is important for the providers to know so they can ensure student safety.

Please advise after school care providers if your child will be attending a club.   

If your child has medical and/or dietary needs, please share this information directly with the providers.

If you have any questions about After 4 please contact