Halloween Carving Competition

The 2021 Pumpkin Drive was a resounding success. Thank you to all the parents who bought a pumpkin and to all the carvers for submitting your amazing work!

And special thanks to Tamar Wagman for sponsoring the prizes and awarding the winners.

If you see your name on the list, you can go to the Josie Stern Team office at 738 St. Clair Ave West to pick up your prize (Go anytime during business hours).

Scariest Winners:
1. Adam and Eden C.
2. Kiran S.
3. Dorothy C.

Funniest Winners:
1. Sadie & Sloane C.
2. Aseel A. (the cigar)
3. Erin G. (Squirrels of Atlas)

Original Winners:
1. Stella, Ben & Zoltan
2. Ricky L.
3. Liga D.

Unique Winners:
1. Naomi & Natalie M.
2. Eamon & Pippa K.
3. Jack & Max J.