Give the gift of healthy habits with My Starry Chart

We all know that chores can be a chore. But they don’t have to be with My Starry Chart, a 3-in-1 educational kid’s calendar, healthy habits chart, and skill-building game for kids ages 3-10.

This reinvented chore chart motivates and empowers kids while teaching skills like goal setting and math while also building character skills like helpfulness, gratitude and kindness.

Plus, it’s the creation of a fellow Humewood family and they’ve got a special offer for Humewood families (and your friends!)

Use the promo code Humewood10 at for 10% off your purchase. 20% of sales will automatically be donated to the school.

This beautiful calendar makes taking on new responsibilities fun, simple and a wonderful bonding experience. The calendar design and sticker format keeps kids engaged, and as a result, they stick to their healthy goals (and chores if you choose to use it in that way).

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