Bringing voices from our Community into Queen’s Park

Good morning, Toronto-St. Paul’s parents, educators and educator workers! 🙂

Its your local MPP Jill Andrew. I am also the Women’s Issues Critic and Culture Critic.

I have heard from several of you about the incredible stress you are under and the under resourced schools some of you continue to function in – doing the best you can for our kids – but doing so scared for both your safety and that of your students. I’ve heard of your classrooms bursting at the seams. Some of you do not have properly operating classroom windows, HVAC systems, or even adequate PPE.

I return to the Legislative Assembly this week. I have been advocating strongly to get on the Question Period lineup with regards to your education concerns.

There are never any guarantees of which MPPs get to ask questions during Question Period. These decisions are made based on a variety of caucus considerations as well as what’s ‘breaking’ or particularly trending in the media: both outside of individual MPP controls. Questions also often reflect MPPs critic areas.

As many of you know COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted women and we know education is one of the most highly gendered professions with us women making up most of the ‘frontline’ of education.

If you have direct questions you’d like me to ask the Minister of Education or the Premier himself please respond to this message with your question (50 words max) as question period is timed and I will try my utmost best to get you an answer.

Your voices as educators, education workers staff and parents are vital.

While using your name is not necessary if ANY of you are happy even being referred to by your first name only its strengthens by personalizing the story or question you are sharing.  Just let me know and I’ll work to accommodate you.

As a certified teacher, a Child & Youth Worker and most recently a Student Equity Program Advisor who has worked in education in elementary, high school and post secondary settings for most of my adult life I THANK YOU for your tireless contributions.  

Know that you are and will continue to be seen and heard by me.

Please send any communications to me at 

Should you want you can share this message by cutting and pasting it into Education specific social media pages that are supporting Toronto-St. Paul’s schools and parents OR by sending via email to others you know might have questions or concerns they want addressed.

Thank you, and take the best care possible under these unprecedented circumstances.

In solidarity,

Jill Andrew
MPP Toronto-St. Paul’s