Snowball Update

Everyone is wondering … When can I wear that shimmery outfit I was planning? When can I show off my new TikTok dance? When can I bid on that amazing gift basket / restaurant / health + wellness package/summer camp program?

SNOWBALL had to be rescheduled due to the current teachers strike, but it is NOT cancelled. We are looking at alternate dates and venue options for the end of March or April.

SNOWBALL is an AMAZING volunteer-led event and is way more fun than any dance in a school gym should be! Parents get to chat (child-free), eat, drink, dance, AND dress up!

SNOWBALL is also a critical fundraiser for our school – contributing $10-12k to our yearly budget. These funds are much needed and go directly towards things like arts enrichment, technology, music / band, scientists in the school, and more!

We understand if you want a refund and we are looking into how to administer those. We hope though that you hang tight and wait to hear when SNOWBALL / SPRINGBALL will be happening.

With Anticipatory Disco Fever,
The Snowball Team