April 11, 2019 Council Meeting



  1. Introduction: Spring is in the air!
  2. Review and Approval of Agenda
  3. Declarations of Conflict of Interest
  4. Review and Approval of March Meeting Minutes
  5. Principal’s Report
  6. Financial Report
    • Wine survivor
    • Bake Sales
    • Funding reallocations to align with budget priorities: Proposed
  7. Chair Report:
    May is Mental Health Awareness Month- update on events:

    • May 14th:
      • Food Sharks
      • Resiliency and Anxiety- Social Worker
      • Arts Express- cultivating kindness
      • Draw me a Monster
      • Yoga/meditation
    • Mental health wellness toolkit for teachers
      • Lunch and learn – chair yoga
    • Calendar of daily events:
      • Quotes/ Mental health Minute/ books/ podcasts/ playlists /
    • Visuals of values
    • Field Re-design
    • Engagement:
      • Kindy open house
      • Welcome committee
      • Fall Fair recruitment
      • Humewood nights @ the Gym
  8. Any new business arising

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