2017 Humewood Fall Fair — Thanks and Looking Forward to 2018

The Humewood Fall Fair 2017 was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who participated – by baking, cooking, serving food, selling tickets, painting faces, running a bouncy ride, organizing ball hockey, finding sponsors, corralling volunteers, donating books, and carrying out so many other important volunteer tasks. And thanks equally to all the families who came out to participate on the day.

It takes a community to run the fair, and on Saturday, September 23rd, the Humewood community came out in force and demonstrated its strength. The Fall Fair is the kickoff to our school year, and to parent council fundraising for the year, which as you know, pays for so many of the enrichment programs at Humewood that benefit all our kids.

A special thank you is due to the incredible Fall Fair leadership team, which begins its work in the spring, and continues all through the summer and early fall to put all the many pieces of the fair in place. They work hard, and tirelessly, to make a huge undertaking come off smoothly and appear almost effortless. Thank you to the following parents – you are amazing!

  • Cheryl Medley – Boss Lady
  • Carly Steinman – Rides and Games
  • Sharon Sehdev – Sponsorship
  • Cheryl Batty – Sponsorship
  • Janine Geddie – Food
  • Jenny Reich – Food
  • Tanya Bodnar – Food
  • Simone Engel – Food
  • Sam S. – Book Sale
  • Jim Sweatman – Social Media and Communications guy
  • Janelle Watson – Ball Hockey
  • Rachel Yanchyshyn – Ball Hockey
  • Carly Labell – All around helper extraordinaire
  • Christine Spencer – All Knowing Mentor

Looking Forward to 2018

We are looking for parents to step up to run next year’s Fall Fair. You don’t need event planning experience, just great organizational skills and a great attitude! Please contact humewoodschoolcouncil@gmail.com if you think you might be willing to join the leadership team for the 2018 Fall Fair. We can’t do it without you.