Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) at Humewood

Humewood Community School is going to be participating in a new outdoor play initiative, called OPAL. This stands for Outdoor Play and Learning, and is a project being piloted by Earth Day Canada.

The idea behind OPAL is to foster freer, more creative outdoor play by supplying a variety of found and sourced materials that will be made available to the kids during recess time. A leadership team is being formed, and the administration has requested that 2 to 3 parents be recruited to join this team. Additionally, others may be needed to sit on a larger OPAL committee.

The OPAL Leadership Team will be very active, and will require flexibility to meet during daytime hours. There will also be a full-day symposium that team members will be required to attend, which will take place on January 19th, 2018. Below is some information about the OPAL program, and a request for parents who are interested to contact the admin.

OPAL Leadership Team Recruiting

Earth Day Canada is in the midst of a pilot project to bring Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) to six diverse school communities within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), working with teachers, parents, administrators, daycare staff, and other educators to develop a play implementation plan for outdoor time (kindergarten play time, recess, lunch, before and after-school). The children will engage in self-directed play with loose parts (tools, cardboard boxes and tubes, spare tires, fabric, rope, water, hay, logs, etc.), boosting their sense of agency and creating a more inclusive and reciprocal social environment.

Humewood was selected as part of the OPAL 10, as ten new schools take part in implementing this program. We are currently looking for parents who would be interested in joining our OPAL committee.  This committee will be an active group of educators and community members who will be working to support student centred play in our school.  If you are interested please let Julie Whitfield, Principal or Avinash Mani, Vice-Principal know of your interest by calling the school office at 416 394-2383.